Saturday, April 16, 2011

N - Necropolis

This immense, partially ruined city of cyclopean proportions is hidden deep beyond maze of caverns called Land of the Dead. Probably Necropolis is one of few signs of the Shapers’ civilization and maybe once it was the center of their civilization. Found and destroyed by K’reen, now it’s occupied by Dead Ones, who made it their capital and main shelter and hence the city got its name.

Despite the massive damage that ruined the city, its core remained rather intact. Dead ones found there strange and extremely complicated difference engines, probably built by the Shapers. It took them hundreds of years to analyze the machines and run them, but the results of the experiment is unknown even to most of them – it’s said that the Council of Elders closed themselves in the chamber of the engine and their leader transferred his consciousness to the machine or otherwise connected his mind with it.

Necropolis is a silent and disturbing place. Partially destroyed, it’s filled with huge buildings of unusual proportions, many monoliths and monuments of unknown purpose, strange markings and signs of use of weapons of incomprehensible power. Even the Dead Ones of the city are silent and withdrawn, just as if the city has left its mark even on them. This and difficulty with reaching the city makes that only a few mortals ever visited it.

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