Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for the Megastructure!

Some fresh meat for you! Unfortunately no stats nor random goodies, but some kind of preview (actually, a list of features) of one of the Underworld Kingdom "levels" - the Megastructure.
  • Rejuvenation Chambers - places that can heal damaged body of man and machine. Some of them are damaged and may change their victims into the hideous abominations;
  • Dimension Doors - teleporters. Rather ordinary things... as long as they work properly;
  • Builders - huge machines designed to expand the Megastructure. They are sentient - and insane;
  • Lifts - unfortunately, most of them are automated and go up and down at theirs own will;
  • Savage tribes - primitive inhabitants of the Megastructure;
  • Assemblers - guardian constructs able to generate robots, guardians and "living" weapons;
  • Digital spellbooks - why not? :D
  • Railways - connection between the Megastructure and dreadful Darkforge. Probably train stations are guarded by some security system and / or robots. And don't expect that you will be able to command the automated trains (see lifts);
  • Cloning facilities - maybe every clone is mentally linked with each other?
  • Feeding chambers - because clones must eat something;
  • ...and - as always - many more.

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