Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D - Death Experience

Your character died and was resurrected? Great, but I’m afraid that on Ortix it’s not that simple as “you are dead – cast Raise Dead – you are alive”. Don’t forget that local gods are CRUEL AND EVIL – and they crave for human soul.
You have returned from the land of the dead (probably from the Greenish Pits of the Primal Essences or Endless Plain of Abandonment, or maybe some other, rather unpleasant place), roll d20:
  1. It seems that your brain is partly dead… Reduce all your statistics by one.
  2. You have returned, by your body is wracked by unearthly powers. Reduce your STR, CON and DEX by one.
  3. Something gone terribly wrong – suffer one minor curse (its effect lasts for one week).
  4. You have witnessed the unspoken horrors of the netherworld. Reduce your Wisdom by 1d6.
  5. Damned spirits will haunt you until you die. Reduce your Wisdom by one.
  6. They are everywhere and they want you back! Reduce your Charisma by one.
  7. Shocked by resurrection, you suffer a heart attack! Save vs. death or you are… dead.
  8. After experiencing the cold grip of death, your body trembles terribly. Reduce your Dexterity by one.
  9. You were cursed by one of the Butchered Gods: randomly pick one of your stats and decrease it by one
  10. Nothing happens.
  11. Unearthly power flows through your body. Increase your Strength by one, by reduce your Charisma by one.
  12. Wisdom of netherworld speaks through you. Increase your Charisma by one, but reduce your Strength by 1.
  13. Nothing happens..
  14. Murdered hermit told you about place where he hid his treasure (and now GM must come up with something!)
  15. You saw the Lines of Destiny. Gain 1d20x100 XP.
  16. You were blessed by one of the Butchered Gods: randomly pick one of your stats and increase it by one.
  17. You are now bold at the thought of death. +1 do all saves vs. death (but not vs. poison!).
  18. Long dead philosophers have shared their knowledge with you. Increase your Wisdom by one.
  19. Ghost of half-mad wizard told you some ancient secrets. Increase your Arcane Lore by 2d6%.
  20. You read the Tables of Eternal Wisdom. Gain 10 000 XP.

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