Thursday, April 28, 2011

X - eXperiments. Evil Experiments.

Abominations, failed experiments, disgusting monsters - who needs more to be happy? Here is a new random table with some gross and unpleasant stuff:

Creatures and monstrosities (roll 1d8):
  1. Grozhoth - evil wizard with tentacles instead of arms and legs, his face is upside-down. Robed in purple tatters, he travels in black palanquin carried by six albino, headless lizardmen.
  2. Writhing Mass of Primal Chaos – hard to describe ever-changing mass of pulsing tissue, raw power and utter madness. Combination of gibbering mouther, black pudding and nuclear explosion. Toxic, necrotic, dangerous and unpredictable.
  3. Skinless Mutant – huge, monstrous conglomerate of deformed bones, hardened tendons and bulging muscles. Capable of tearing warhose in two, it has a philosopher’s nature. However, usually it’s very hungry.
  4. The Worm Priest – leech-like mutant with some magical abilities. His mouth is transformed into a sucker, body is covered with thick, rubbery, dark-green skin and lower part of the body have form of maggot-like tail.
  5. Bird Men of the Forgotten Darkness – eyeless, pale-skinned, feathered mutants. Their arms are transformed into a Archeopteryx-style wings, heads have long, pointy beaks. They are somewhat intelligent, but unable to communicate otherwise than shrieking. They can “feel” the light sources in a similar manner to cockroaches.
  6. Ungarr-Thaan, the Slug Prophet. Disgusting psychopath that loves to shout about forthcoming doom (his second love is to kidnap children and devour them alive). He have protruding, yellow eyes and his skin is brown, wrinkled and covered with thick layer of horribly stinking, sticky mucus.
  7. Cthonic Malformation – deformed conglomerate of at least four creatures, melted into one horrible being. Filled with madness and pain, it dwells in a deepest caves, where it stalk and hunt its prey.
  8. The Spider Bride – failed genetic experiment, which was intended to create a spider-human hybrid. Unfortunately, its effect is multi-limbed, disfigured abomination. Able to climb walls, spit poison and produce web to entangle its victims, it’s highly intelligent, agile and dangerous monster.


  1. Great, inspirational and fantastic! One of the best posts I read last time. :D

  2. Wow, such creepy creatures. I like it very much! It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge.

  3. Freaking Awesome! Very useful & inspirational!

  4. It's so hard not to love such pervert abominations :)