Thursday, April 7, 2011

F - Frog River

One of the longest rivers of the Underworld Kingdom, in fact is a part of much bigger underground river. Emerging from sunken grottos on the west of Great Cave of Ghohk, with spiral meanders running through almost entire cavern, and ending in a great waterfall on east. The area south of the river is particularly dangerous - most of it is misty, dark swamp, inhabited by untold monstrosities, such as mysterious toadmen and dreadful Pale Octopuses. Swamp holds many secrets – it’s said that it contains many secrets – one of them is described below.

Most notable location in the vicinity of the river is Stone City – ancient ruins of enormous metropolis, destroyed in ancient times by unknown cataclysm (or maybe war) and now engulfed by a swamp. Little is known about either its history and treasures that may still be hidden in it, but one thing is certain – Stone City was not build by humans. Maybe it was built by the Shapers – one of the Old Races, which disappeared millennia ago?


  1. There's a location that asks to be explored.

    A manipulated quote: "The Pale Octopus was scary..." Riddle - whence?

  2. Mysterious toadmen and pale octopuses are always good.