Saturday, April 9, 2011

H - Ho-ru, the Black Lizardmen

Ho-ru are a race of sentient humanoids who never appears on the surface. It’s suspected that their civilization is older than human and they may have been created by the Elder Races as their assistants and / or slaves long before humans.

Typical Ho-ru are about five feet tall, but the length of their bodies (including tails) may be more than ten feet. Their slender bodies are covered with black or dark-green scales. Despite the protection provided by scaly skin, Black Lizardmen often use shields in battle. Their favorite weapons are long, curved swords, sometimes made of rare and unusual metals and alloys.

In the past Ho-ru were masters of transmutation and even though now they are partially degenerated and their knowledge forgotten, they are still able to produce many substances, such as toxic metal from which they produce their weapons or potions that may induce regenerating trance or murderous amok. Moreover, some of the old scriptures about Black Lizardmen are saying that their experiments also included research on living beings, which may result in creation of the Ho-thal.

Ho-ru dwells  and conduct their experiments in huge fortress-laboratories, hidden in the deepest and most distant caverns of the Underworld. There they lead their captured victims. 

Statistics of typical Ho-ru warrior

No. appearing: 1-20
Armor Class: 5 (or 4 with shield)
Move in Inches: 6
Hit Dice: as Fighting Men +1
% in Lair: 75%
Treasure: Type E

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