Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The REAL Underworld Kingdom!

OK, maybe it's time for another reboot.
I found my current campaign as typical and boring, so currently I'm thinking about another significant change. In fact, very strange idea have crossed my mind... What if the world of surface is only a myth? If the whole setting will be placed in the Underworld? With NO FUCKING SURFACE? No sun? :D

Bunch of very fresh ideas:
  • Several layers of the Underworld;
  • Standard rule - "the deeper, the more dangerous"? Forget about it - nothing is certain!
  • Huge amounts of underworld wilderness;
  • Artificially created "levels", with the remains of ancient technology;
  • Different regions ruled by different factions / races / gods?
  • Underground rivers and lakes (with drowned cities);
  • Cyclopean cities ruled by Gugs;
  • Different tech levels of the layers of Underworld.
Another great artwork by Sourine - artificial levels could look like that
Still I'm not ultimately convinced by this verson of the Underworld Kingdom - primarily because it will force me to drop an idea of moons and Floating Island - unless you have some ideas that can solve this problem. Maybe I'll post info about both Ortix and new Underworld Kingdom, but this solution also will cause new problems - I don't know which version of the campaign I should run :D


  1. I've thought about doing something similar. Another idea you could incorporate is to have the players find a forgotten passage to the surface.

  2. Put the moons underground, and have a massive cavern with floating islands.

  3. @Ian: yeah, it's rather obvious thing to search for, I forgot about it :D I must include about dozen of different legends about the surface world.
    @C'nor: I think about transfer of the moons' discinctive environments into some part of the underworld, but floating island? I may put it floating above some immense underground sea... I must think about it. Thanks!

  4. Very cool idea. I wouldn't get rid of the surface world completely, but you could have the underworld a lot deeper than the players realize - perhaps so deep that conventional travel is very difficult. Fifty or more miles beneath the surface?
    If you wanted to let your PCs travel to or from the surface, magical portals or dimensional magic would be needed, thus keeping the two environments effectively separate.
    Just my 2cp.

  5. Lack of the surface world have one big advantage - it makes Underworld Kingdom very easy to "plug" it to any other campaign setting - DM must make just few "holes", and voila!
    But still I'm not convinced about total absence of the surface...