Monday, April 25, 2011

U - Universal Builder Enitites

These huge, sentient automatons were designed to expand, repair and modify the Megastructure. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the Builders went mad. They began to expand the whole level in an uncontrolled way or reshape already existing places, sometimes making them bizarre and / or utterly useless.

Typical Builder is a colossal, spider-like machine (although some of them have reshaped themselves into other forms), equipped with very advanced matter converters, allowing them to transmute one substance to another. In addition, the have a variety of claws, drills and blowtorches, usable during less-complex tasks.

Builders absorbed in their lunatic “plan”, rarely attack any living beings, but if they do so, they are capable of attacking 1d6 opponents per round. Their weapons cause 2d6 or more damage. Self-repair modules and nanotech swarms reduce any damage caused by non-magical weapons by one point, also they regenerate 10 HP per round. UBE are immune to poison, charm (other than cyber-brain hacking spells and similar effect, such as i.e. Control Robot), sleep, polymorph, electrical damage and death rays. However, fire and acid damage is not reduced by one point, but can be regenerated, as can every other attack.

Some builders are worshipped as gods by the Megastructure’s savage tribesmen.

No. appearing: 1
Armor Class: 2
Move in Inches: 18
Hit Dice: 18
% in Lair: Nil
Treasure: Nil

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