Monday, March 28, 2011

20 drunkards

Forgive me a lack of more creative content, but I'm busy with preparing Bandits & Basilisks.

Roll d20 (there will be 100 of them in the PDF! :D)
1. Hroth. 3 HP. Stinks horribly.
2. Gunthar the Lame. 5 HP. Lame, carries a club.
3. Iorika the Hag. 1 HP. Old and ugly. Reads the palm in exchange for booze.
4. The Fisherman. 5 HP. Bearded and fat. Stinks of fishes.
5. Yngrik the Cursed. 6 HP. Cursed by the gods – never gets sober.
6. Robun. 3 HP. Tall, thin and warty.
7. Red Gretha. 2 HP. Resident of the Dead Rooster Inn.
8. Tradolf the One-handed. 2 HP. Former pickpocket.
9. Silent Tom. 4 HP. Mute cutthroat.
10. Sailor Boond. 1 HP. Very old, long haired, with wooden leg.
11. Artik. 6 HP. Sings and howls when drunk.
12. Grist. 2 HP. Former gravedigger.
13. Onthack. 5 HP. Shoplifter who exchanges stolen goods for alcohol.
14. Fertha. 3 HP. Former prostitute, she claims that she origins from the royal family.
15. Boris the Pale. 4 HP. One eyed mugger.
16. Hrud. 3 HP. Former city guard. Still wears his moldy leather armor.
17. Fiery Faye. 5 HP. Horribly disfigured by burn scars.
18. Drakis. 5 HP. Former mercenary, has lost his legs during his last campaign. Carries two daggers.
19. Crith. 4 HP. Coward and backstabber.
20. Unglip. 2 HP. Drunk and charlatan, selling fake magical potions.

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