Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Skills - overview

As I don't like useless (roleplay killing) skills in old school D&D games, I use only two of them in my campaign. Both of these skills are the reflection of knowledge possessed by a character. Note: I don't know if I will use both of them in my current game - perhaps I'll drop Knowledge and stay only with Arcane Lore.

Knowledge - skill about science, forgotten technologies and lore of the past. Can be used to identify the purpose of ancient machinery (if it's possible at all), repair and maintain technological devices, or even more advanced tasks, like biological research, scientific experiments and so on.

Arcane Lore is a skill about almost every aspect of occult, magical or even demonic knowledge. It can be used to perform magical research, rituals, summon demons (if the appropriate ritual is known) and even - under several circumstances - to create potions or identify magic items.

At the end - an important word about skills (from Terminal Space):

Despite that, if a player sees a solution to a problem that can be accepted by the Referee even though the character does not possess the appropriate skill or its level is too low then the skill check can be omitted. Any solutions created by the players should have a priority over the game mechanics but the final decision is up to the Referee.
The maximum level of the skills below is 95% to mark the fact that even the best can make mistakes.

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