Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Advanced weaponry ideas

Repost from Terminal Space - these rules may also be useful in Underworld Kingdom campaign. Also it's possible that I'll make more house rules about weapons when we start running a new campaign.
  • Mono swords and knife can ignore the AC of light armor such as void suits or primitive leather armor etc.
  • Phase weapons due to their specific properties can ignore AC of commonly used armor, but it is possible that it will have no effect on natural armor made of bone, scales or carapace of monsters.
  • Grav weapons do not work in places devoid of gravity. They can also decrease armor effectiveness.
  • Automatic weapons, e.g. assault rifles or HMGs are able to hit more than one opponent.
  • Flamethrowers, acid throwers and fire bombs can cause damage for more than one round (e.g. d6 rounds).
  • Needle pistols are very easy to hide, darts usually are coated with a toxin that paralyzes or kills the target. A successful hit form the weapon should not cause more than 1-2 points of damage.
  • Mi-go blaster does not require ammunition. It charges by itself after depleting the cell which usually takes a few hours.
  • Instead of increasing the damage caused by powerful weaponry like lasers or plasma weapons you can roll a bigger amount of dice (Referee’s decision) and keep the highest score.
Also - you may find useful rules made by Blair for his Planet Algol campaign - look here and here.

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