Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World of Ortix

Ortix is a planet with a diameter of approximately 1.2 diameter of Earth. Its large, metallic core produces a magnetic field strong enough to protect the planet from deadly radiation of the Cold Star. Gravity on the planet is close to the Earth's, the day lasts 24 hours.
The three main features distinguihing Ortix from our planet is total lack of tectonic activity, a smaller amount of oceans and seas and chaotic orbit, of which the last two features are probably the result of the titanic-scale war, waged thousands of years ago by the creatures recently known as the Old Ones.

Planet has two moons, called simply the Grey Moon and the Red Moon. Red has its own cycle of day and night, and gray - just like most typical moons - is in synchronous rotation with Ortix, always showing the same face.

Because of significant changes in current shape of the campaign, consider this info as the "old stuff" - it will be heavily modified.

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