Monday, March 21, 2011

Level 1 Magic User spell list (with LOTS of alternate names!)

Here is my list of Magic User's spells used in my campaign. Unfortunately, due to the lack of copy of Eldritch Weirdness in my collection, list is still incomplete.
Lots of the spells have an alternative name, used just to confuse my players (some of the names are REALLY misinforming :D).

Aetherik’s Amazing Preservation
Aid from the Night Crows / Winged Helper
Aldone’s Spell of Withered Manhood (2)
Braumaren’s Bubbles of Booze / Intoxify
Call Wayward mount 
Cobbler’s Friend
Conjure Familiar
Curses of Minor Discomfort 
Desert Wind's Edge / Mageblade
Dorthorion's Links of the Blood / Tied by Life
Eye of the Wizard  / Detect Magic
Frehley's Compass of Love / Detect Affect 
Fondrar's Flavouration / Stirring the Pot 
Fondrar's Floating Fatness / Buoyancy
Fool's Boon / Item Mimic
Fool's Reward / Touch of Gold
Gol'hem's Revelation of the Past / Decipher History
Gorfohl’s Ritual of the Banished Exhaustion (2)
Guardian of the Passage / Hold Portal
Hard as Chains of Hell / Rope of Steel 
Hoon's Hurried Repair / Mender
Hummvist's Near-Alchemical Transformation / Fey Coins
Ishorg’s Spell of the Awful Sting (2)
Knowing the Words of Djinni / Read Magic
Light As Feather 
Magnetic Revelation / Know Direction
Morgist's Mind Vortex / Vertiginous Vexation  
Myrkhar's Levitating Pebbles / Floatstone 
Mystical Scent of Understanding / The Revealing Wind
Mystical Shackles / Charm Person
Nebular Brightness / Light
Nightly Glow of the Mystical Symbols / Enhance Script
Oil of Sea Blood Revelation (3)
Poultice of Healing (3)
Relzar’s Animated Rope
See Like a Cat
Shimmering Dome
Shimmering Mists of Somnolence / Sleep
Stellar Path / The Stars Above Guide Me
The Rosy Mist of Reason (1)
The Unfettered Eye
The Unusual Proportions of Alb
Thorvin's Empyreal Appearance / Social Laddering 
Tromoronnen's Algebraic Curse / Numberjumble
Varhin's Furry Revenge / Mischievous Clowder
Varhin’s Verbal Revelation / Read Languages 
Vannagar's Veil of the Void / Gobsmacked 
Wisdom of Zelgog / Babbler
Zilliff’s Scrutinous Eye

(1) spells from The Arduin Grimoire vol. 1
(2) spells from The Arduin Grimoire vol. 4
(3) spells from the Realms of Crawling Chaos


  1. It is very flattering to see a couple of my spells up there, I hope they serve your campaign well!
    I do suggest getting Eldritch Weirdness, Matt really did a great job and it has a lot of weird spells to be sure.

  2. Your spells are the best - I'm addicted to them :D

  3. Really nice, I'll steal some of them for my planet Cthlol campaign:).