Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rather nasty mutation table

Although mutations in a new version of Ortix campaign will be rather rare (at least PC's mutations), this table may be useful for some of you - it's simpler than e.g. Mutant Future mutation tables.

d% roll

1.    Unnatural hair color
2.    Additional digit
3.    Additional d4 limbs (50% chance for each to be useless)
4.    Additional eye
5.    Additional eye (blind)
6.    Night vision
7.    Echolocation
8.    Vampirism
9.    Albinism
10.    Unnatural skin color
11.    Long neck (+2d6 inches)
12.    Tail (useless)
13.    Tail (prehensile)
14.    Additional arm (useless)
15.    Additional arm
16.    Hairy body
17.    Apish appearance
18.    Frog- or toad- like appearance
19.    Insectoid (compound) eyes
20.    Transparent skin
21.    Feathers covering the entire body
22.    Short horns
23.    Twisted bones
24.    Hunch
25.    Noseless
26.    Very long and pointy nose
27.    Trunk
28.    Hairless body
29.    Slimy skin
30.    Scaly skin
31.    Hooves
32.    Leathery wings (useless)
33.    Feathery wings (useless)
34.    Headless (face is placed on torso)
35.    Prehensile tongue
36.    Leathery wings (allows to glide)
37.    Feathery wings (allows to glide)
38.    Scorpion tail
39.    Pincers instead of one hand
40.    Androgynous
41.    Genderless
42.    Large and twisted horns
43.    Gills (as an addition to lungs)
44.    Insectoid appearance
45.    Skin covered with spines
46.    Beak instead of mouth
47.    Serpent-like tongue
48.    Eyes on stalks
49.    Tentacles instead of arms
50.    Worm / slug tail instead of legs
51.    Additional joints
52.    Distorted face
53.    Large cranium
54.    Suckers on the fingers
55.    Large and pointy ears
56.    Long fingers
57.    Clawed hands
58.    Mandibles instead of mouth
59.    Skin covered in warts
60.    Webbed toes and fingers
61.    Several minor, concealable deformations
62.    Serpent eyes
63.    Serpent fangs (unable to create poison)
64.    Unnatural body odor
65.    Unnatural and unpleasant body odor
66.    Swollen joints
67.    Very big mouth
68.    Big eyes
69.    Antennae
70.    Reversed (upside down) face
71.    Cyclops
72.    Eyeless (therefore blind)
73.    Unnatural blood color
74.    Predator’s teeth
75.    Poisonous blood
76.    Acid blood
77.    Photophobia
78.    Necrotic tissue (ghoul syndrome – must eat raw meat to avoid rotting)
79.    Woody skin
80.    Leaves instead of hair
81.    Elongated limbs
82.    Short limbs (may affect movement rate)
83.    Centauroid
84.    Fly-like wings (useless)
85.    Butterfly wings (allows to glide)
86.    Siren’s tail instead of legs)
87.    Able to change sex in approximately one hour
88.    Flexible bones and joints
89.    Knees and elbows bending to opposite directions
90.    Two-headed (this may result in need to create another head’s statistics!)
91.    Arms in place of legs and vice versa
92.    Multiple genitals (gross!)
93.    Prehensile feet (with opposable thumbs)
94.    Gills (instead of lungs)
95.    Detachable limbs (like an lizard’s tail)
96.    Missing digit
97.    Small head
98.    Rat-like appearance
99.    Roll two mutations instead
100.  Roll d4 additional mutations!


  1. What if you roll two-headed for the second head?

  2. I rather think about rolling additional abilities, as INT, WIS and CHA for another head, not additional mutations :-)

  3. I don't know how I missed this when it first went up--really nice work! Any chance you might make this a Living Table over at DM Muse?

    We've been messing around with Mutant Future and the mutations from that rule-set could use some adjusting to make things work better with Labyrinth Lord.

  4. With pleasure, but... I am unable to do it! Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe I'm just too stupid :-(

  5. Not bad. Mutation rules!
    "Join" me back.