Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contents of the Underworld Kingdom PDF

  • 20+ new monsters;
  • 21 prehistoric beasts;
  • 13 new deities;
  • No-character-class rules (as an additional option);
  • New, largely expanded spell list;
  • New options for mystics (Cleric variation / replacement);
  • At least 2 new character classes;
  • At least three hex maps;
  • At least four cross section maps;
  • Several one page dungeons;
  • Descriptions of at least 25 locations;
  • Hundreds of hex descriptions;
  • Two additional spell systems;
  • Several new spells;
  • Approximately 300 random names;
  • Technology of the Old Ones;
  • At least six tables of random encounters;
  • Rules for Rituals;
  • Six unusual types of metal;
  • Over 100 new magic / unusual items, including artifacts;
  • Expanded equipment lists;
  • At least three sub-dimensions of Ortix;
  • Butchered Gods;
  • New poisons and drugs;
  • Portals, Gateways and links with the other worlds;
  • Several factions of sinister cultists;
  • Dozens of random tables.
Remember that it's still incomplete list of all of the features. I have no idea how many pages it will have, but I suspect that it will be well over one hundred.


  1. Can't wait, sounds great, when are you going to publish it?

  2. I have no idea - I think that I can complete it within next months, but I don't have any publisher :-(