Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thirteen Gods of Ortix

  1. The Cockroach King - god of unsatiable hunger and thirst;
  2. Resh-Eiar, the Spider-squid of the Deep - god of darkness and bottomless pits, probably associated with Atlach-Nacha;
  3. Rust, the Desert Godess - godess of broken bones, desert wind and sand dragons;
  4. Ibost, God Behind the Wall - walled up in the Shadeless Tower in the city of Ibost;
  5. Lanakhoi, the Drowned God - corpse-god of bottomless seas;
  6. Ctuar - god of keys;
  7. Ghaig - god of weaklings and cowards, keeper of doorless chambers;
  8. Ddakr - "slayer of the monsters, father of the slain";
  9. Thugya, The Serpent Worm - god of unrest;
  10. Ysail - god of boredom and forgotten places;
  11. Rnoist - keeper of The Number Thirteen, god of the Pale Fishes;
  12. Iathacla - three-handed god of slumber, coma and unexpected circumstances;
  13. Zsakrn - keeper of the dead, deliverer of bad news, cheater at cards. Maybe he is associated with the Crimson King.


  1. Sounds like a fun bunch. ;) I particularly like #13.

  2. I dig this a lot and would love to see more about these gods :)

  3. You will - I plan to write something more about them, but I still don't know when :-)

  4. I wanna hear more about them. Their names are rather inspiring :)