Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A quick skim through a "new" vision of Ortix

A short list of key features of the new version of Underworld Kingdom campaign:
  • More REH and KEW influences. More Witch World, less Roadside Picnic and Dark Tower.
  • Big changes in both Underworld and the surface world – perhaps I will be forced to make a new cross section map (good, because I love to make them);
  • I abandon the idea of ancient human civilization - in the old days (3000+ years ago) people were slaves of the Old Ones. Human civilization began to flourish when the Old Ones exterminated themselves in a titanic wars;
  • No demi-humans! (but I still consider the use of alien races);
  • New pantheon of gods;
  • No clerics – replaced by Mystics (more info soon);
  • No alignment, although some “evil” creatures (evil in a very Lovecraftian way) will be present;
  • Limited access to magic items; very limited access to ancient (alien) technology;
  • No plate armors! Ancient, not medieval influences.

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