Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad news - I'm tired! Time for change!

(Last of dwarfs, facing extinction. Drawn by me :D)

Time for bad news - I'm tired of all these "Science-thingies" - probably too much playing Dark Heresy, too much work with Terminal Space, too much scavenging my old stuff to put this setting together.

I need a break.

At the first moment I wanted to change the purpose of this blog and start posting info about  something new. After rethinking the case I came to the conclusion that it would be easier to reboot the entire Ortix campaign than starting from scratch again. Ortix came to life as conglomerate of my old Sword & Sorcery campaigns and frankly, now when I plan to start playing it again, it turns out that I'm not satisfied with its current shape.

This means that some parts of the game world will change - for example,  Idecided to completely stop using demi-humans, also the timeline will change drastically.

Sorry for confusing you.

More info soon (probably even today).

PS. I'm still going to post here the old material ("kicked out" of the game), just to share it with you - maybe someone finds it useful. The old data will be marked with the "proper tag" :)

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