Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My first and probably last attempt to stich together some facts about past of Ortix. Some of the events are based on my old campaign (1997-1999 AFAIR), some on events from my 2002-2003 campaign, and some are brand new, added to glue everything together.

Note: absence of dates is intentional - I encourage everyone who wants to play this campaign to adjust everything himself.
  1. K'reen arrive to the Ortix.
  2. Shaping the planet by K'reen (to be honest - one really knows what happened during their reign).
  3. Arrival of the Shapers, the beginning of war between the newcomers and K'reen.
  4. Shapers, after a long and destructive war, escape beneath the planet's surface. They create  vast underground cave complexes..
  5. K'reen begin to remove effects of the war, they also build a giant spaceship.
  6. K'reen descend to the underworld, to bring utter destruction to their mortal enemies.
  7. Torgon Heartripper leaves the Grey Dimension and arrives on the Ortix.
  8. Shapers create an underground city, which shall be attacked and ruined by K'reen in the future.
  9. As a result of the last war between the Old Ones, K'reen are almost extinct and Shapers descend even deeper underground.
  10. Rise of the Dargs and Alarri civilizations.
  11. First humans arrive on Ortix.
  12. War between Alarri and Dargs, Jewel of Creation dies. The first magic burn disrupts the flow of magic.
  13. Human civilization flourishes, benefiting heavily from the remains of the Old Ones' technology. Architects' Guild is formed.
  14. Total war breaks out between humans. Almost entire human civilization is destroyed and most of the planet becomes a contaminated wasteland.
  15. First manifestation of Anomalies - distortions of the laws of physics, magic, time and space. People are starting to mutate. Some people escape to the Underworld.
  16. Architects disappear without a trace.
  17. First sights of the Grey Plague.
  18. A being called the Great Father creates vampires and werewolves - the most perfect mutant species.
  19. Kingdom of Aldarien arises.
  20. Dead Ones find an ancient city deep in the Underworld.
  21. Lord of the Plagues brings disease upon the Aldarien, king of Aldarien initiates ancient machinery, hoping that it help fight off the plague. Instead it destroys the entire city.
  22. War erupts between the people of the Underworld Kingdom and Vrax & Morax - the two-headed dragon.
  23. The lands east of the ruins Aldarien are united by the council of mages.
  24. Mages discover a vast underground complex, called by them the Tomb of the Exiled. They build huge fortress over the entrance to the Underworld.
  25. Hideous beasts start to appear in the Underworld.
  26. Fall of Blackcrag.
Note that Blackcrag has fallen at least 200 years ago (although flow of time on the surface of Ortix can be Easily disturbed).

Hypotheses on the chronology

- Is the Floating Island a spaceship built by K'reen?
- Was the Jewel of Creation created by the Old Ones?
- Is Torgon Heartripper the same person as the Great Father and the Lord of the Plagues?

Because of significant changes in current shape of the campaign, consider this info as the "old stuff" - it will be heavily modified. 

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