Friday, March 25, 2011

Important quote (and its aftermath)

Mages generally do not need to carry weapons other than daggers, but those of fifth level and above can use magic swords, and those of tenth level and above may use all magic weapons. However they may never carry more than one at a time, for the use of weapon requires a mental discipline alien to the philosophy of magic, and so will interfere with a mage’s concentration if he relies on them too much.
- David A. Hargrave

I like it very much and I based some of my house rules are based on it:
  • Temple Assassins (one version of Mystic) are allowed to use only daggers, but from sixth level they can use any type of one handed swords. 
  • Eremites (as above - Mystic) are allowed to use only blunt weapons (as ordinary Clerics), but from sixth level they can use bows (mainly in order to hunt and survive).
  • Priests of the "evil" gods (such as Cockroach King or Spider-Squid god Rresh-Eiar) are allowed to use daggers instead of bashing weapons.
  • I think that I'll use Hargrave's rule for magic-users of Ortix.

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