Saturday, March 19, 2011

Traits of the hirelings

Roll d20:
1.    Greedy
2.    Drunkard
3.    Jealous
4.    Over-confident
5.    Pessimist
6.    Loyal
7.    Coward
8.    Crude
9.    Lustful
10.  Stingy
11.  Nervous
12.  Hot-blooded
13.  Optimist
14.  Quarrelsome
15.  Paranoid
16.  Trusty
17.  Insecure
18.  Brash
19.  Yielding
20.  Roll twice


  1. The lustful hireling Rqgpkgihn the Pessimist (Randomly generated by rolling for number of letters (up to ten) and the rolling for the letters). He has a trunk and a hairless body. He is a freed slave from a highly advanced culture.

  2. Holy shit, he's awesome!
    He reminds me of one character from Krod Mandoon :D His name was hmm... (time to google it) Loquasto! :D But he had no trunk.