Friday, March 4, 2011

Words of the Oracle

During a character creation player can roll a die to determine words of the Oracle, which supposedly (in rather gibberish way) determine character’s fate. It don’t affect the game mechanics, but it can affect character’s decision, because he (or she) knows the words of prophecy. Of course, if the players puts less emphasis on role-playing, they can ignore this option.

1.    Dust of your ancestors’ bones will choke you
2.    Dead ones will lead you to the enlightment
3.    Behind the path of Night you will find madness
4.    Hero will find his death, fool will find his fortune
5.    Blood of the descendant of wizards will open the gate to the underworld
6.    Gods of the dead will turn away from you
7.    Prophet’s apprentice will find a graveland of the Old Ones
8.    Blessing will bring the curse
9.    The prophecy will become a doom of your descendants
10.    Sword of fire will cut the moon bridge
11.    You will bring a relief to the dead heroes
12.    Hunger will lead to the truth
13.    Tail of the comet will lead you to the book of the dead
14.    God of the city will fall into madness
15.    Theft will bring the insanity
16.    Fountains of poison will never satisfy your thirst
17.    When water will become an ice, death will become an undeath
18.    Slave of the gods will read the verses of the passing
19.    Throne of the earth end in flames
20.    Cursed sword will open the tomb of the monsters
21.    Third warning will never come, pestilence will come like a storm
22.    Dead ones will experience hunger because of you
23.    Minion of the Abyss will delete your name from the Book of Ancestors
24.    Answer can be found in the storm of fire
25.    Treasures will curse you
26.    Curse will lead to discovery, discovery will bring the darkness
27.    Words of the Priest are full of poison, words of the Demon are the answer
28.    Death of the king will be a monument of your glory
29.    Ice will bring the oblivion
30.    Red mist will become your shelter
31.    Beware of lone travellers
32.    Spark of understanding will be the flame of hell
33.    Shadow will be a beginning of absolute darkness
34.    Your doom will come with the tide
35.    You cannot kill what is already dead
36.    Whispers of the dead will bring the comprehension
37.    Eternal glory will be found at the bottom of the abyss
38.    Pride will be your poison, memory will be your curse
39.    Black peak will be the crown
40.    Dark Side is your blessing
41.    Road home will be your end
42.    You will remove the crown from the dead hands, but blood of the King will not be on your hands
43.    Forgotten labyrinth will become your grave
44.    Doomed city will open its gates before you
45.    River of blood will freeze beneath your feet
46.    You will dethrone the king of fools, but beware to not take his place
47.    Shelter of the wraiths will become your home
48.    In the forests you will find the causa of your fall
49.    Accursed you was born, blessed you will die
50.    Cold Light will burn your skin

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