Monday, April 1, 2013

A - Ash'kari

Ash'kari is a race of space-faring humanoids, which emerged to our space through Crimson Rift - large anomaly that rended fabric of time-space near the solar system. They created vast empire, consisting about twenty star system in the Crimson Dimension.

Here are some special features of the Ash'kari people and their empire:
  • All warriors are female, all wizards and sorcerers are male.
  • Ash'kari don't use "traditional" technology - most of their stuff is bio-engineered, including spaceships.
  • They do not use jump drive technology. Instead of it, they have devices (or rather organs of their bio-ships) called null-drives, which allow them to enter Nullspace.
  • Their warriors have strict code of honor but it not necessarily applies to humans. It's left to interpretation of particular warrior.
  • There is no formal war between humans and Ash'kari, but due to numerous human ship losses, conflict seems to be inevitable.
  • Some merchants and freelancers, both human and Ash'kari, were allowed to travel through solar system and Crimson Dimension. Unfortunately, some of them never returned.
  • They say that Ash'kari sorcerers are the masters of illusion and are able to summon huge space monsters.
  • Outlanders were the main inspiration for this nation.


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