Friday, April 5, 2013

E - Enervator Implant (Charon Prime)

Spinal cyberimplant, resembling a mix of chain and barbed wire. It's connected with host's neural network and requires Black Dust to operate. One dose of Black Dust lasts for about a year of standby functions or about one hundred charges. Beware the fact that if Enervator Implant runs out of its "fuel" it may cause serious problems with its owner's health, including paralysis or even death.

To activate implant, its user must stare into victim's eyes and spend one Hit Point. Effective range of the device is about 3-4 meters. Target must make successful save vs. death or immediately feel strong nausea, dizziness and exhaustion, which causes1d3 HP loss, -1 to-hit, +1 to AC for 2d6 rounds. Effects are cumulative, but device needs three rounds to recharge before another "shot". If taget fails three saving throws in a row, loses consciousness and dies within 1-8 rounds.

Enervator Implants are not manufactured for centuries - probably their design is based on the works of the Hollow Ones and wisdom about their production is now forgotten. The only method to obtain one is to rip it from the body of its user. Black Market prices for implants can reach tens of thousands of gold pieces.

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