Monday, April 22, 2013

S - Storm Autocannon

Huge recoilless cannon in gatling configuration. It costs 22450 Credits, takes 15 free space segments and has 400 km range. Each salvo uses six shells (eight if the weapon's motors are overheated). If the opponent is hit, roll 1d6 to determine how many projectiles he ate. Each projectile deals 1d4 damage, due to reduced projectile velocity.

It's possible to overheat weapon's subsystems. In this case, succesful Science skill check is required. Overheated Storm Autocannon uses 8 shells per salvo and eight-sided dice should be used to determine how many projectiles hit the target. However, if Science skill check is failed by 20% or more, weapon is damaged and needs to be repaired. If 96-00 is scored, Storm Autocannon explodes, dealing 3 damage to ship's structure and causes one immediate critical hit effect.

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