Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U - Umber Tome

Big, dusty tome (it's always dusty, no matter how long you will try to clean it) bound in smelly leather. It is written in the Ho-Ru language and contains following spells:
There is also a small note on the title page, just under the drawing of the Umber Hulk. It's written in some common human language and says that there is a hidden knowledge on page 634. In fact. that page is covered by lethal Umber Mold and anyone who touches it must pass a save vs. poison or immediately loses one experience level. If save is failed, part of the mold is transferred on victim's skin and begins to grow. Each day until it's removed (with magic - traditional ways of healing are unsuccessful),  victim must perform successful save vs. poison or he / she loses a level. When his / her level is reduced to zero, victim's body explodes in the cloud of the Umber Mold.

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  1. Love it! I'm pretty sure my level 13 PCs are still afraid of mold and funguses ever since I threw some brown mold at them in a dungeon back a level 4. I don't think they quite new how it worked.

    Geoff at ROFL Initiative