Saturday, April 6, 2013

F - Fractal Gun

Alien artifact from the Bandits & Battlecruisers game!

Alien-crafted weapon, made from some kind of smoky crystal. It can have shape of ovoid handgun, short rifle or very long, lance-like rifle. When fired, it emits strange, black, two-dimensional sheets, capable of rending almost everything.

Weapon deals normal damage (d6), but there is no armor (primitive, hi-tech or magical) which can provide any protection. Every non-gaseous, non-ethereal creatures is treated as having AC9 against fractal guns. It can hit multiple targets (if several opponents are in line) but it's range is limited to exactly 14 meters.

If found as a part of a treasure, fractal gun has d1000 charges left, if looted from a corpse 2d100. There is no known way to recharge it.

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