Thursday, April 18, 2013

P - Plague Carriers

Roll 1d8 or just pick one (or more!):
  1. Giant, undead dog, constantly coughing with clouds of toxic spores.
  2. Swarm of albino rats covered with strange, violet fungus.
  3. Large, moulting bat, infected with brain-drilling larvae.
  4. Black, sickly looking birds. Green, infected pus is dripping from their eyes.
  5. Small child covered with glowing boils.
  6. Swarm of blood-red cockroaches. Their bite can transfer mutagenic virus.
  7. Undead locust the size of a horse. Can spit corrosive goo full of maggots.
  8. Large, grey toads, covered with mucus that causes Tongue Rot Disease.


  1. Excellent!! I love using Rats in encounters. This is a very inspirational post, I think I'll kick up the lethality of my next Rat-fest!! Mixing rats with Tongue-Rot disease toads seems like a lot of fun to be had (for the DM at least) . . .

    Chuck at Valley of the Old Ones

  2. FYI: IIRC, IRL armadillos are routinely carriers of leprosy.