Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Torches

Small set of random magical torches. Roll 1d8:
  1. Its light deals 2 damage / turn to all undead within its light radius.
  2. Glows with sick, green light.When lit, it deals 1d6 damage to all living creatures within the light radius (including the bearer).
  3. When lit, it emits unpenetrable darkness instead of light (6-meters radius).
  4. When lit, it explodes after three rounds, dealing 1d8+2 damage to all creatures within the explosion radius (4 meters).
  5. Emits pale, cold light. Any ethereal creature within the light radius can be wounded with non-magical weapons.
  6. Emits strange, blue light. Temperature within its light radius rapidly drops (after several minutes water starts to freeze) and all cold-based attacks deals +1 damage.
  7. Emits faint, red light, its smoke stinks horribly. Effectiveness of any healing spell cast within its light radius is doubled.
  8. Can be lit only with dragon breath. As long as it is lit, its bearer cannot be harmed by any physical attacks.