Saturday, April 20, 2013

R - the Red Vengeance

One of the most notorious pirate ships, the Red Vengeance is a Subduer-Class Battlecruiser commanded by imperial fleet deserter, former admiral Kaliss Vanth. She refused to participate in the planetary bombardment on her own homeworld and fled with her ship to become a pirate, specialized in attacking military convoys.

Hull: CR (25 structure points, -20% basic Pilot skill modifier) 
Armor: ultrasteel (130) 
Reactor: expanded 
Drive Class: B 
Maneuvering Thrusters: two additional sets (total Pilot skill modifier +0%) 
Jump Drive: yes 
Sensors: military +10% 
Jamming Systems: -20% 
Armament: three graviton cannons
Ammo: none 
Shield Generator: Omega (65%, reduced by the Ultrasteel interference)
Cargo Space: 40t 
Other: battle bridge, stasis prison cells for 24 people, 70t fuel bay, two external docking points.

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