Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B - Black Fungi

Tall (about 3 meters high), thin and pointy mushrooms, covered with thick layer of slimy, tar-like black mucus. They emit pleasant odor and faintly violet glow.

Unfortunately, Black Fungi are lethal monsters, capable to kill almost any opponent. They are able to move (in similar way to Jade Shamblers) and attack their opponent with long tentacle-like outgrowths sprouting from their base. Tentacles are about 2 meters long, can attack d6 opponents each round and are covered with cnidocysts (save vs. poison or die in horrible pain within 2d6 rounds). In addition, tar-like mucus can trap weapons used to attack the Black Fungi (STR or less on d20 to release the weapon) and it's toxic (if digested or contacted with open wound, save vs. poison or lose 1 hp for each round until save is succesfull or victim drops dead). Also, Black Fungi are able to intensify their odor to confuse their opponents (no effect except possible panic attacks - "they're releasing some toxic gas!") and attract other Black Fungi. When killed, they explode with cloud of spores and emits huge amount of scent into the air (may attract Black Fungi being even 5 kilometers away).

No. appearing: 1-3
Armor Class: 5
Move in Inches: 4
Hit Dice: 7
% in lair: -
Treasure: their spores or mucus may have some value, if you know the right persons.