Thursday, April 4, 2013

D - Devastator Torpedoes

Powerful weapon for use in your Terminal Space or Bandits and Battlecruisers game.

Devastator Torpedoes are immense missiles, capable of destroying almost any target with a single hit. Their launchers are so big that they must be installed on Dreadnoughts or battle stations.

Devastator Torpedoes are equipped with own targetting systems (+10% to Weapon Systems skill) and have effective range of 25000 kilometers. High velocity of the missile causes serious problems with dodging it (-20%). Each torpedo has 20 points of carbide armor. Its fusion warhead deals 2d10x10 damage to a starship or space station and can be reprogrammed for "tremor blast", which deals only d6x10 damage to a starship or space station, but bunkers, cities or other rock/concrete installations receive 2d20x10 damage. After shooting a torpedo, reloading the launch tube requires three rounds of space combat (30 minutes).

Devastator Launcher is turret-mounted weapon system. It requires 12 crew members per launch tube. Additionally, each launch tube requires at least 3rd officer and launcher needs at least 6th level commanding officer. Launcher's turret has 86-point carbide armor, auxiliary sensors (allows shooting with -30% even if ship's bridge and/or sensors are destroyed), auxiliary power source and storage for three Devastator Torpedoes per launch tube.

Each missile costs 30000 credits, three-tube launcher cost is about 250000 credits (size 20), four-tube 350000 (size 25).

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