Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I - Immolator Missile

Heavy starship missile, designed to punch through ship's armor and explode inside it, unleashing raging inferno, capable of burning whole ships in a matter of hours.

If hit, missile causes "normal" d6 damage but in addition to it, it has chance of piercing through ship's plating and cause much more serious damage. Chance of armor piercing is based on its type and target's hull type:

Unarmored: 100%
Titanium: 90%
Ceramite: 75%
Reactive: 60%
Carbide: 45%
Ultrasteel: 25%

Hull types (and thus armor durability points) provides modifiers to armor piercing chance:

FT: +20%
LF: +20%
SF: +10%
FR: +0%
CR: -10%
CS: -20%

If armour is pierced, secondary warhead explodes inside the ship, immediately causes d4 points of structural damage. Fire burns each round, causing loss of one structure point and one critical effect per round until extinguished. Rules of fighting with fire should be prepared by a Referee and should be based on crew levels, additional equipment, ship design, morale, cargo etc etc etc.

Immolator Missiles costs about 4000 credits and may be fired only with heavy launchers. Effective range 2500 kilometers.

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