Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Another Underworld Kingdom god!

Zsakrn the Double-Faced is the master of one of the domains of the dead, the Gorge of Grey Mists. Sometimes he allows the dead to communicate with living persons via dreams and omens, mostly to simply baffle and confuse mortals. Also some says that Zsakrn is associated with all bad news, sad events and minor disasters. He feeds on mischief and jealousy, so this may be the cause why he is considered as an rival of the Cockroach King.

Great Cheater is another aspect of Zsakrn, so he has believers amongst many gamblers, tricksters and deceivers. He is also sometimes worshipped by dying people, who want to seek peace in his bleak, silent domain. Priests of Zsakrn are usually very diverse, as some of them are skilled orators, politicians or even demagogues, while others are rather silent and withdrawn keepers of the morgues and burial sites.

Commandments and restrictions: varied, depending on the aspect of Zsakrn – some believers are allowed (or even encouraged) to cheat, deceive and annoy others, while others are more oriented towards matters of the dead, but even them are usually malicious and full of twisted, black humor.

Blessings and rewards: Charisma bonuses, saving throws bonuses, Gambling skill, immune to special attacks of undead.

Curses: transformation into undead after death, multiple personality, extreme malice.

Miracles and signs: grey mists, dimming of lights, strange whispers and laughs, many small and rather insignificant accidents happening at once.

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  1. Congrats on completing the A to Z challenge! I am glad you made it! I enjoyed all your posts all month long.

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