Monday, April 1, 2013

A - Ash'kari

Ash'kari is a race of space-faring humanoids, which emerged to our space through Crimson Rift - large anomaly that rended fabric of time-space near the solar system. They created vast empire, consisting about twenty star system in the Crimson Dimension.

Here are some special features of the Ash'kari people and their empire:
  • All warriors are female, all wizards and sorcerers are male.
  • Ash'kari don't use "traditional" technology - most of their stuff is bio-engineered, including spaceships.
  • They do not use jump drive technology. Instead of it, they have devices (or rather organs of their bio-ships) called null-drives, which allow them to enter Nullspace.
  • Their warriors have strict code of honor but it not necessarily applies to humans. It's left to interpretation of particular warrior.
  • There is no formal war between humans and Ash'kari, but due to numerous human ship losses, conflict seems to be inevitable.
  • Some merchants and freelancers, both human and Ash'kari, were allowed to travel through solar system and Crimson Dimension. Unfortunately, some of them never returned.
  • They say that Ash'kari sorcerers are the masters of illusion and are able to summon huge space monsters.
  • Outlanders were the main inspiration for this nation.


  1. I can see that this A-Z Challenge is going to give us all some interesting things to read :)

    I love that all the Ash'kari warriors are female - girl power!

  2. I know, right? I'm reading the next ten blogs after mine just to see what's out there, and this is pretty Awesome. Yay women warriors! Although I love spellcasting as well.

    Over on my blog I'm mostly just hitting cities with the right letters, but still don't know what to do with X.

    1. Maybe this one?

    2. Nope, check out my blog, it's Northern California real estate. Only one city in the Bay Area with an X even IN it.