Saturday, April 13, 2013

L - lesser demons

Roll 1d8 or whatever.
  1. Black Imp. Skinny and slimy. Can vomit a black, toxic tar.
  2. Clockwork Imp. Made of brass mechanisms. Can jam locks and break machinery.
  3. Demonic Ladybug. Rather pathetic but has acidic bite.
  4. Demonic Earthworm. Can dig through almost anything. Very intelligent (!).
  5. Slimy Imp. Very slimy. Eat the slime to experience acute hallucinations.
  6. Eye Imp. Has one very big eye. Can see through walls.
  7. Nose Imp. Has a very big, pointy nose. Can smell gold and jewelry.
  8. Cock Imp. No.. it has beak and is covered with feathers. Can command poultry.

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