Saturday, April 27, 2013


To be honest, I have no idea what I can write for the letter X. Yet Another Useless Names List seems to be the only way to complete the challenge :D
  1. Xss'lnyy
  2. Xavlan Xenren
  3. Xuluo
  4. Xandria
  5. Xanlariel
  6. Xornox
  7. Xuluoth
  8. Xiom Xin
  9. Xu-lia
  10. Xsylien
  11. Xylval
  12. Xertenna
  13. X'phl
  14. Xweirli
  15. Xuir-nanth
  16. Xij-xuu
  17. Xopro'y
  18. XBN-66
  19. Xdetne
  20. Xi-ji
As you can see, creating a names beginning with letter X is really simple and funny task. Also you may try to X-ize your own name :D Xalbert sounds as powerful but slightly pathetic sorcerer, isn't it? :D

Also, some time ago I received some negative comments about my lists of unpronounceable names. Well, I can't deny it BUT I don't view it as a negative feature. In example, weird and hard-to-spell name can be used as a password, which must be correctly spoken to open the door / chest / whatever. What do you think about it?

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