Thursday, April 25, 2013

V - venomous bite

Not every poisonous bite / kiss must be lethal. This little random table may help you when PC / NPC becomes poisoned. Roll 1d12:

  1. Paralysis for 1d4 rounds (1d4 days if '20' is rolled);
  2. Acute hallucinations, lasting 1d10 minutes;
  3. Dizziness for 1d6 hours (-2 to-hit, +1 AC);
  4. Paralysis of one limb (determine randomly), lasting 2d12 hours;
  5. Blindness for 1d4x5 minutes;
  6. Disease, not poison (determine randomly or just pick one);
  7. Lucky seven! Save or die;
  8. Effect similar to alcohol intoxication, lasting 1d6 hours;
  9. Stat drain (1d4 pick randomly). One point regained per one day of rest;
  10. Permanent 1 HP drain (can be regained during level-up);
  11. Murderous rage, lasting 3d6 rounds;
  12. Seemingly nothing, in fact, allergy to gold, lasting 2d4 days. Each time victim touches gold, he / she / it must save vs. poison or receive 1-2 damage.


  1. Good point, and a very suitable list. I almost misread the last one - as turning to gold. Both could be very interesting for the party, and if the transformation happened slowly the player whose character was changing might wonder whether the rest of the party was really interested in finding a cure, or already working out how to carry a gold statue back - at what point would it be too late to make a break for it?