Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for the Cockroach King!

Random find. I like it! :D

Patron of greed, hunger and thirst (not necessarily in the literal sense). Sometimes he is named as the Keeper of the Vermin because of his name and images. It’s said that he gathers army of arthropods to infest realms of other gods or maybe even material world. Due to his unpredictable and malignant nature sometimes he sends plagues of vermin and diseases and instills jealousy and greed in people’s hearts, just to cause wars and conflicts.

Keeper of the Vermin is often worshipped by people driven by lust and greed. He has followers both in the Underworld Kingdom and on the surface world, but not everywhere his cult is approved. As almost every other god, he accept human sacrifices, but they are not necessary – he may accept almost any other gifts as well. It’s said that he craves for rotten food, foul wine and any kind of drugs. His priests are often dirty, morbid sybarites but some of them are silent and withdrawn keepers of vast knowledge, often about both fighting and spreading diseases plagues. 

Commandments and restrictions: followers of the Cockroach king must attempt to kill any giant arthropod they manage to find, just to send them to their master to fuel up ranks of his army. They must not avoid any kind of pleasures of the flesh but are not limited when it comes to other things. 

Blessings and rewards: resistance for effects of poisons, toxins, drugs and alcohol, immunity to diseases, ability to command arthropods of various kinds, ability to digest even the most decayed and rotten food. 

Curses: parasites (STR -1), horrible boils and festers (CHA reduced to d3), attracting all insects (ants, flies, cockroaches, centipedes and even giant beetles!), permanent alcoholic intoxication (may be fun until your liver starts to fall apart), becoming plague carrier (not immune to its effects). 

Miracles and signs: clouds of flies, water poisoning, horrible stench, rain of alcohol, sudden need to organize a mass orgy.

This entry is taken from the upcoming Underworld Kingdom booklet, called Dark Gods, Dark Magic. Most likely it will be published this month!


  1. This is one very disgusting character, but vividly imagined.

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