Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O - Orb of Torment

Yet another magical gem. Its effects depends on the item in which it is installed:
  • If used as part of the jewelry, its wearer is immune to pain (all non-magical damage reduced by 2). However, if he / she is hit by a demon or undead, received damage is doubled (and not reduced).
  • If Orb is used as part of melee weapon, each creature hit with it starts to bleed (1-2 points of damage each round until wound is treated). Of course it has no effect on demons, undead, constructs and other beings having no blood.
  • If it's used as part of magical wand or staff, magic item deals 1-6 damage to its target in addition to normal effect (may be really funny if mixed with healing wands).
  • If Orb of Torment and Jewel of Pain are used to decorate a melee weapon, it becomes +5 magical weapon, dealing double damage to all Good or Lawful beings and half of damage to all Chaotic or Evil beings.

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