Monday, April 29, 2013

Y - Yeti Staff

Six inches-long staff, made of white wood. If used in combat, it deals +1 ice damage. Also, it has 7 charges that can be used to cast a spell. Unfortunately, each time spell must be randomly determined and there's no known method to predict the spell which is being cast. Roll 1d6 to determine the effect:

  1. Summon the Yeti (monster disappears after 20 combat rounds, moreover it can be controlled only for 7 rounds);
  2. Ice Ball (similar to Fireball, level d4+1)
  3. Like the Coldest Winter Chill
  4. Wintery Floor
  5. Summon Dire Wolves (2d4 wolves appears, must be charmed / controlled with some other method)
  6. Touch of Winter
Yeti Staff can be recharged by putting it into solid block of ice. During each week in the ice it regains 1d3 charges.

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