Thursday, April 25, 2013

V - venomous bite

Not every poisonous bite / kiss must be lethal. This little random table may help you when PC / NPC becomes poisoned. Roll 1d12:

  1. Paralysis for 1d4 rounds (1d4 days if '20' is rolled);
  2. Acute hallucinations, lasting 1d10 minutes;
  3. Dizziness for 1d6 hours (-2 to-hit, +1 AC);
  4. Paralysis of one limb (determine randomly), lasting 2d12 hours;
  5. Blindness for 1d4x5 minutes;
  6. Disease, not poison (determine randomly or just pick one);
  7. Lucky seven! Save or die;
  8. Effect similar to alcohol intoxication, lasting 1d6 hours;
  9. Stat drain (1d4 pick randomly). One point regained per one day of rest;
  10. Permanent 1 HP drain (can be regained during level-up);
  11. Murderous rage, lasting 3d6 rounds;
  12. Seemingly nothing, in fact, allergy to gold, lasting 2d4 days. Each time victim touches gold, he / she / it must save vs. poison or receive 1-2 damage.


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